Learn Not To Fall
If you... …than falls can be a concern because…
take four or more medications that are either prescribed or received “over-the-counter”, including herbal remedies, pain relievers, vitamins, and dietary supplements. The more medications you take, the more likely it may be that you experience drug interactions and/or side effects that can increase your risk of falling. These side effects may make you lose your balance, become drowsy, blur your vision and make you feel weak or dizzy.Over-the-counter products may also interact with prescription medicines and increase the risk of side effects which can also increase your chances of falling.
take medication for high blood pressure High blood pressure medications can make you feel light-headed or dizzy when you first stand up from a chair, or when you get up out of bed in the morning. This is called ‘postural hypotension’.
drink alcohol When mixed with medicines, even a little bit of alcohol can make you feel drowsy and dizzy and increase your risk of falling.